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Enforcement of Orders

St. Petersburg Family Law Attorneys Demanding Enforcement of Orders

Pursue the child support payments to which you are entitled

Your children rely upon the financial support of their parents. One parent’s failure to obey the child support order issued by the court can result in extreme hardships to your family. With more than 25 years of experience, our divorce attorneys can help you get the financial support to which you are entitled.

Getting the other parent to pay

Both parents share the responsibility of raising their children. When the other parent refuses to abide by the financial liability imposed by the divorce order, you can seek help from the courts. We work closely with the Florida Department of Revenue and the family law system to force compliance. Some tactics we may use in your case include:

  • Requesting that a family law judge order compliance
  • Asking the court to issue an arrest warrant for the noncomplying parent
  • Seeking suspension of the parent’s Florida driver's license
  • Pursuing the parent’s IRS tax refunds
  • Demanding payments made to the parent from unemployment or workers compensation
  • Garnishing wages directly from the parent’s paycheck
  • Obtaining liens on the delinquent parent’s real estate, cars or boats
  • Reporting past-due amounts to the credit agencies
  • Placing a hold on the delinquent parent’s bank accounts

You must abide by a family court order

You must follow the orders issued by the family law courts even if you think the decision is unfair. You do have recourse, however, if changed circumstances hinder your ability to pay your child support. We can help you file for a modification of your order to reduce child support payments.

Find out from experienced Pinellas County divorce lawyers what you can do to enforce your divorce orders

Call St. Petersburg family law firm Kidder & Bennett at 727.821.8000 or contact us online to demand that the other party abide by the orders issued by the court.

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Kidder & Bennett have the experience necessary to help you with child support enforcement. Let us help you obtain the financial support that you are entitled to. Contact us for legal assistance with court ordered child support, past due child support, or warrant child support matters.

25+ years experience as a child support enforcement attorney. Find out how we can help with court ordered child support, past due child support, and warrant child support. Call today for a consultation.

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