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Certified Mediators

Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediators

Empowering you to effectively resolve your conflicts outside of court

Our Florida Supreme Court certified mediators Nat Kidder and William Bennett effectively guide disputing parties toward win-win solutions using sophisticated alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques. Our professional mediation services include family law, civil and appellate mediation.

Kidder & Bennett creates a professional environment that is conducive to cooperation, and our mediators possess the skills to help feuding couples, business partners and civil claimants find common ground. To assist you in achieving your goals, we offer:

  • Mediators with more than 25 years of litigation and mediation experience
  • Florida Supreme Court certified mediators with extensive ADR training
  • Comfortable, professional facilities
  • Wi-Fi connectivity so you can remain productive during your sessions

Benefits of mediation

Mediation is anti-trial. Usually you can avoid litigation — and the stress, expense and time that a trial involves — by engaging in this powerful ADR method. Mediation typically:

  • Preserves amicable relationships
  • Causes less anxiety than trial
  • Expedites the process of resolving your conflicts
  • Costs less than litigation
  • Puts decisions in your hands rather than the courts’

The mediation process

Led by a trained facilitator, the mediation method helps opposing parties recognize their shared objectives. Our mediators then work with each side to develop reasonable compromises on contentious issues. We present you with an equitable settlement at the close of your mediation sessions.

Learn how a Florida certified mediator can help you successfully resolve your conflicts

Find out more about how the mediation process guides disputing parties toward equitable solutions. Call Clearwater and St. Petersburg law firm Kidder & Bennett at 727.821.8000 or contact us online to learn more about this effective alternative dispute resolution method.

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Kidder and Bennett is a Family Law Attorney with over 25 years of experience. We utilize our vast range of skills and experience as a divorce attorney, child custody attorney, child support attorney, and same sex divorce lawyer to help our clients quickly and fairly resolve issues affecting their family. Contact our office today for a consultation appointment to discuss your legal needs and see and how we can help you.

Family Law Attorney with 25+ years experience. We have the skills and knowledge necessary to serve as your divorce attorney, child custody attorney, child support attorney, and same sex divorce attorney. Call today for a consultation.

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